Computerisation of Land Records (Loucha Pathap):

The scheme of Computerisation of Land Records (CLR) was started in the year 2000.  The main objective of CLR scheme is that landowners should get computerized copies of  Records of Rights (RORs) at reasonable proce. Ensure speed, accuracy, transparency and dispute resolution. Provide fast and efficient retrieval of information for decision making etc. 


  • Mutation and Partition
  • Delivery of ROR online
  • Checking Registration of Deeds
  • Blocking transactions for mortgaged Plot
  • Protection of land holding for legal complexities.
  • Revenue Collection
  • Plot History
  • ROR Query
  • Printing ROR

Functional Coverage:

  • Mutation & Partition Online as well as Offline.
  • Printing of ROR online as well as offline. Using Apps, ROR can be seen.
  • History of past owners can be prepared.
  • Revenue Collection online/Offline. Listing defaulters.


Target implementation is only at valley districts where survey records are available. There are 34 SDC Circles with around 6,00,000 records . 100% computerisation has been achieved in Bishnupur Districts. 85% computerisation has been achieved in Imphal East District. 20% has been achieved in Thoubal district. And 60 % has been achieved in Imphal West districts. Majority of lands (90%) are in hill districts, where survey records are not available. Hence, CLR is not going to be implemented in Hill Districts.  100% achievement has been targeted in valley area by the end of December, 2017.

Mobile Apps:

LouchaPathap-RoR Manipur

Web Interface: