eProcurement System:

Government eProcurement System of National Informatics Centre (GePNIC) was developed to cater to the electronic procurement/tendering requirements of the Government departments and organizations. The system is generic in nature and can easily be adopted for all kinds of procurement activities such as Goods, Services & Works, by Government offices.

It is being implemented in 27 States and Union Territories as Mission Mode Project (MMP), Various Major Public Sector Units (PSU’s) as well as over 350 Central Government Ministries / Departments / PSUs /Attached offices/Statutory Bodies etc. under the Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP).


  • Enrollment of Bidders and Govt officials in different roles.
  • Tender Creation and Publishing
  • Publishing of Corrigendum and Pre bid meeting decisions
  • Online Bid Submission/ Re-Submission/ Withdrawal
  • Facility for Online/ Offline payment of Tender Fee and EMD
  • Encryption of bids submitted by the bidders.
  • Online Opening of Bids (Technical/Financial) by Govt
  • Auto generation of Comparative Charts
  • Various Mail/ SMS communication to stakeholders
  • Comprehensive report/MIS module.
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Uploading Award of Contract to Portal 

Functional Coverage:

  • Creation of Tender
  • Publishing of Tender
  • Clarification online and offline
  • Online Bid Submission
  • Technical/ Financial Bid Opening
  • Uploading of Technical/Financial Evaluation proceedings
  • Generation of Comparative Chart
  • Award of Contract. 


  • No. of State Govt. departments registered under MMP portal – 29
  • No. of Central Govt. departments registered under CPP portal – 6
  • No. of PSU – 1.
  • No. of Tenders floated – 450 worth Rs 9584.55(Cr.)

Web Interface: