Immigration VISA Foreigner Registration and Tracking (IVFRT):

Immigration, Visa and Foreigner’s Registration & Tracking software is used for tracking of foreigners visiting different parts of India. The SP, CID(SB) has been designated as FRO (Foreigners Registration Officer) and there are three modules of IVFRT, namely cFRO, cForm and sForm. Immigration Clearance System (ICS) is also implemented in the two ICPs viz. Imphal Airport and Moreh. National Database on Arms License (NDAL) & Arm License Issuance System (ALIS) are also implemented in the districts of Manipur. 


  • Role based access privilege.
  • Real time Immigration clearance.
  • Online service to Foreigner, viz Registration, VISA conversion, VISA extension, etc
  • Provision for Biometric verification and enrollment of biometric for deportee.
  • Centralize database for all the arm license across India.
  • Online system for application processing of arm license. 

Functional Coverage:

  • Immigration clearance.
  • VISA related services.
  • Foreigner registration.
  • Tracking of Foreigner(Entry, Exit and overstay. 

MODULES implemented in Manipur

Immigration Control System: Implemented in two ICPs (Imphal Airport and Moreh) to facilitate automated Immigration Clearance System from 2014.

Foreigners' Registration and Tracking (FRT): cFRO module is implemented at the office of FRO Manipur (CID-Special Branch) to facilitate online registration and various other services to the visiting foreigners.

C Form : C Forms is implemented to enable hoteliers to report Foreigners stay.

National Database of Arms License (NDAL): All the existing arm licenses have been uploaded in NDAL

NDAL- Arm License Issuance system (NDAL-ALIS): Online application, processing and issuance of arm licenses started through ALIS 


Status of the project/scheme/programme : On-going

  • Installation/ upgradation of infrastructure at 2 ICPs at Imphal Airport and Moreh completed.
  • ICS software is functional at both the two ICPs.
  • Starting from 2014 all Immigration Clearance for all the chartered flight (Golden Myanmar) for the Sangai Festival was done through the centralized ICS software.
  • Foreigner Registration module implemented at FRO Manipur.
  • Online submission of 'C' Form module implemented at major hotels in Imphal.
  • Arm License backlog data entry and generation of UIN completed in NDAL.
  • A total no. of 27189 applicants have uploaded and 25581 UIN have generated in NDAL
  • 2nd phase NDAL-ALIS started in 11 districts.
  • Till now 7362 applications have entered in NDAL-ALIS.