Monitoring of Handloom Schemes of Manipur (MOHSOM):

MOHSOM software uses a GIS based tracking of the event and activities of the Handloom schemes being implemented in Manipur which was inaugurated by Hon’ble CM of Manipur in 19th June 2015. The s/w application incorporates with a mobile App (MOHSOM) available at, which can be conveniently installed on android phones. The photos taken with the MOHSOM App are Geo-tagged and time-stamped. These photos are uploaded by the field staff/ operator on the portal which is displayed with time stamp on a GIS map. The s/w has streamlined the monitoring and assessment of work activities for Handloom Schemes implemented by Department of Commerce & Industry, Government of Manipur.


  • Weaver profiles are mapped to the clusters.
  • Geo-tag photos of handloom activities are uploaded by the users.
  • Fund transactions under the handloom schemes are captured for accounting and transparency.
  • Summary reports are also made available on the public portal.

Functional Coverage:

Reports from the portal are used for verifying the status of the scheme activity of the Cluster and thereby make the assessment of the scheme very easy for the administrators.


18,500 weavers profile of Manipur has been uploaded since 2016, in 51 Clusters details which are spread over 9 districts. The details of handloom activities and summary information are available on the public portal.

Web Interface :