Computerization of Treasuries started w.e.f April 2006 on pilot basis and replication of the software was done in all the remaining Treasuries/Sub-Treasuries of Manipur in phased manner.  The application is web based and developed using PHP and deployed under open source environment. The application software operates on a 6 tier functional classification of Head of Accounts (Top:  Major Head and Bottom: Object Head). 


  • Computerization of Treasuries has facilitated in:
  • Effective budget control while processing bills
  • Proper classification of Head of Accounts and DDO codes
  • Generation of comprehensive reports on State’s revenue/receipts and expenditure
  • Increased efficiency in the functioning of Treasuries
  • Faster and accurate compilation of monthly accounts
  • Increased reporting functions and improved data validation
  • Achieved transparency and contributed in curbing malpractices.

Functional Coverage:

The software is role based and has facilities for online capturing of data as well as effective budget control with proper classification of Head of Accounts. Bills are processed electronically and data captured at the time of passing bills for payments. Bills received from DDO/Department are fed into the computer using valid User ID and password depending upon various combination of scheme code and object head.  Receipts accounting also helps in the consolidation of government fund balance in a faster manner.


Electronic transfer of monthly compiled accounts data to AG office Manipur is done on pilot basis at Imphal East Treasury having   116 DDOs w.e.f Nov 2014. 100% Computerization is now achieved and all the 18 Treasuries/Sub-Treasuries of Manipur are now using online TreasuryNET software for Payment, Receipt and Accounts Compilation.